Coming soon…to a webcomic near you…

Um…hey, is this thing on? Yea? Good, okay!

Hey, everyone. Long story short, it’s been a crazy year. I’ve had some ups and downs, and in the end, this comic that I hold dear suffered. When I originally set out to do this weekly comic, I thought I had a better plan. I did, but I clearly didn’t have other things in order to make it successful. Working a full time job (now easier than it was before) still eats up most of that time, and currently, I’m on a side project with another company, which I’m hoping to get off my plate soon. With that said, here and there I’ve been working on Tezla. In fact, since things did not progress really far, I’m relaunching with new art, an origin story, and so much more to come. It’s still a ways away before you start seeing pages, but I just wanted to put it out there that it’s happening.

Stay tuned. Once I get this entire first issue complete, I will start uploading.

This cover (with Tezla’s new suit design) was colored by my friend Whitney Cook