If you’ve been following my work over the last few years, you probably already know this. For those that don’t, this website went on a REALLLLLY long hiatus. Since then, the first issue of Tezla was released in print form.

Today, Tezla relaunches as a webcomic!

Various reasons for this change in format, but here’s the main reason:

Consistent, quality content conducive to audience building and personal time constraints:

– Frankly, it’s been really difficult to devote the proper time to make comics for print with a release schedule that isn’t too long between installments. Particularly so when you wear majority of the hats in the process. It’s a hindrance to production and makes for a spotty online presence. While I worked really hard to get the first issue out, 2 years without a follow-up issue proved to me just how much my life changed with an additional kid (3 total) and the needs of my growing family. I know eventually things will level out, but in the meantime this will allow me a means to create with a little less pressure on my shoulders.

My hope is that those who have already taken the plunge and read Tezla in print will be there for this transition. It’s a chance for you to re-engage with the series in a different way (I really enjoy feedback and discussion forums, something to come). And new readers, this allows you to experience Tezla for the first time, at your leisure. My hope is that these 2 groups will converge into a stronger community surrounding Tezla, and my work as creator and artist.