Hi everyone,

I finally have some time to sit down and post something about the future of this website. What most of you don’t know about me, I work full time as a Mail Carrier, and before recently, it consumed a vast majority of my time. Working 6 days a week and up to 12 hours a day (some days), and being a family man, wearing many hats, makes it very difficult to run a weekly webcomic. It’s no excuse, but I’m human, and quite frankly, it’s hard to do this all on my own.

I still have plans of making this comic. Consider this a taste of what you will see, because I will be working on the rest of the pages. Some time has opened up with my more flexible schedule at work, though I need to see how flexible it really will be in the coming weeks. My plan is to finish up the first issue and push towards what I really wanted to do with this story: put it in print. I will upload the pages after I get things ready for print, but that is a ways down the road. I really hope you understand, and I appreciate the support I’ve gotten so far.

Thanks and stay tuned. I’ll show in progress works over at my personal website Do Moore Art!